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Here at Quint, we have our provider, nurse, front desk, credentialing coordinator, and a practice manager/operator. Between the 5 of us, you will always be taken care of. Our patients are promised to be greeted with the same smiling faces each time they visit. We take time to get to know each one of our patients, so they always feel at home. We are for the small-town people. We are small-town healthcare.

Karen Thompson 1_edited.jpg
Dr. Karen Thompson FNP-C


Dr. Karen Thompson opened Quint Family Care in December 2021. Her dream was to open the clinic in a rural community to provide easy access to excellent health care. She then chose the beautiful small town of Cave Spring, Georgia. She named the clinic, Quint Family Care, in honor of her eldest son, Quinton, who tragically passed away from suicide on June 17, 2017. During those tribulations of her life, she developed a desire to provide a safe and comfortable place for healthcare in a small town. Karen deeply cares for the citizens of Cave Spring and would love to become your family practitioner. 

Her son, Quinton loved music and was the drum major at his high school. He was constantly facing internal battles, but you’d never know by the smile on his face. When you come to the office, you will see a picture of Quinton hanging on the wall alongside a music-themed exam room. His presence is with Dr. Thompson daily and gives her strength to press on. He was a significant encouragement during Karen’s educational years as he supported her desire to become a nurse practitioner. This clinic was built from the ground up, straight from her heart. It is our mission, to treat eat patient like family.

Haleigh Shuler Maiden  

Haleigh is the practice manager and operator here at Quint. She is here to help Taylor, Lauren, Bridget, and Dr. Thompson navigate difficult tasks and make difficult decisions. She also handles billing, claims, marketing, and office management. Haleigh was born and raised in Cartersville, GA where she graduated from Cass High School. She continued her education at both Georgia Highlands College and Georgia Northwestern Technical College meanwhile she met her husband Reed, and a few years later welcomed her daughter Oakleigh into the world. Haleigh loves to watch Quint grow each day and is excited to see what the future holds for Dr. Thompson and her patients.

Haleigh Headshot.jpg
Taylor Headshot.jpg
Taylor Thompson


Taylor Thompson is our amazing front desk associate. Taylor is our go-to for providing our patients with accurate information regarding the office, scheduling, taking payments, answering, and routing phone calls, and making all our patients feel like they are at home. Taylor grew up in Rockmart GA. She went to Rockmart High School and Georgia Highlands College. She is an amazing mother to her two boys and enjoys navigating life with them. Taylor says, "I have always had the desire to help people. I believe that desire came from watching my mom be such a caring nurse. She has inspired me to care for our patients as if they are our family.” Taylor hopes to see you establish here at QFC soon. 

Bridget West
Bridget West is our credentialing specialist and HR assistant. Bridget has graciously worked very hard, so Dr. Thompson can accept as many insurance companies as possible to provide great healthcare to everyone. Bridget also pitches in with the back-end business side of things. She grew up in Rome, GA, and attended Model high school. She then obtained her bachelor’s degree from Western Governors University and taught special needs children for 6 years. She now works here at Quint as well as at the Cave Spring Manor Personal Care Facility. She is married to her best friend Jason and has two beautiful children. Bridget would like our patients to know that if they need anything or have any questions to feel free to reach out to her at any time. 


Lauren Headshot.jpg
Lauren Maiden  


Lauren is Dr. Thompson’s medical assistant. Lauren was born and raised in Cedartown, GA. She attended Cedartown High School and continued her education at Georgia Northwestern Technical College. She grew up with her mom who is a very hard-working nurse. Her mother Sherry has always been her inspiration to care for others. This led her to the medical field. She has two beautiful children and is enjoying life one day at a time. Lauren is very excited to see Quint Family Care grow.

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