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Quint Family Care accepts a variety of insurances, so we can accommodate for everyone. We also offer competitive self-pay rates and personally catered payment plans. In the case we do not accept your insurance, we can offer you a self-pay rate and provide you with reimbursement information your insurance is able to send a reimbursement directly to you for the services you paid out of pocket for.

Kindly keep in mind that with any health plans, they are subject to deductibles, copayments, prior-authorizations, and out of pocket maximums for which you could be responsible.


Missed appointments will accrue a $25 no-show fee and will be due at the next date of service. If an appointment is rescheduled with less than a 24-hour notice, it could begin to accrue a $25 no-show fee in which will need to be met before another appointment can be booked. All procedures or 30-minute appointments will accrue a $50 no-show fee and will be due at the next date of service. 


Services provided by Quint Family Care are billed in-house but process with our EMR provider Athena, therefore mailed statements and electronic notifications will have a different number and address. 


-          AARP

-          Aetna

-          Aetna Medicare Advantage

-          Alliant

-          Ambetter

-          Amerigroup

-          Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield

-          Caresource

-          Cigna (commercial)

-          First Health

-          Humana

-          Humana Medicare Advantage

-          Medicaid GA

-          Medicaid AL

-          Medicare

-          Peachstate

-          Oscar

-          Self-Pay

-          United Health Care

-          United Health Care Medicare Advantage

-          UMR


-          I received a statement in the mail, what does this mean?


If you receive a statement in the mail, this means that you have a balance on your account. You are entitled to further information as an explanation for the charges on your account. This information will kindly be provided to you if requested.


-          I was seen 2 months ago, why am I just now receiving a notice regarding my bill?


Generally, it takes anywhere between 45-60 days to obtain an explanation of benefits on accepted claims from carriers. If a claim is denied by the carrier, this wait time can extend up to 180 days.


-          I received a letter from my insurance company breaking down the payments and payment responsibilities for my recent visit. How is this calculated?


What you have received in the mail is an explanation of benefits or often referred to as EOB. This document is the carrier acknowledging the claim and adjusting it to their contracted rates as well as adjusting it to your current health plan. For further questions regarding your EOB, please contact your insurance carrier.

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