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Whether you are sick or need wellness care, Quint Family Care is here for you. Same day appointments are available for those rare emergencies and we have a lab right here onsite. We are the medical healthcare provider for all your family members, from infant to geriatric. 


Dr. Thompson truly cares about your quality of life. With her chronic disease management assessments and plans, we will help manage your symptoms, monitor progression, educate on making effective lifestyle changes, and ensure you have a better quality of life.


Seasonal cold, allergies, flu, strep, covid-19, RSV, and more hit billions of households each year. Here at Quint, we can work you and your family in for same-day appointments. We offer CLIA waived testing, so you are guaranteed to be taken care of accurately and efficiently to quickly recover 100%.


We are the solution for your small-town family’s medical needs. We treat patients of all ages. We can see your children (0-18) for sick visits, well checks, sports physicals, mental health, covid-19 testing, and overall trustworthy healthcare.


Did you know that roughly 600,000 women will be diagnosed with cervical cancer this year? Routine pap smears, pelvic exams, and breast exams could save your life. These visits can be very intimidating and scary for a lot of women but, completing them with a female practitioner who knows you can ease the anxiety of these visits. Don’t forget to mention your mental health with Dr. Thompson during your visit, puberty and menopause are monumental times in a female’s life. Dr. Thompson cares about you.


Dr. Thompson currently is overseeing care for the Cave Spring Manor residents. QFC staff alongside Dr. Thompson travels to the facility to provide care routinely and as needed. Do your residents need in facility practitioner care? Give us a call today!


To keep yourself in the best health, the first step is to be proactive. Men and women regardless of age should be attending wellness checks once a year. During this visit, Dr. Thompson will ensure that your body is functioning at its best by doing a full panel of lab work, head-to-toe assessment, and providing in depth patient education on a healthy lifestyle. These visits are so pertinent to your health, that even your insurance will cover at 100%.


Dr. Thompson believes that not every illness should be treated with prescriptions, therefore she loves to treat patients with various intravenous cocktails. IV hydration is specially formulated fluids that are injected into a vein to prevent or treat dehydration, hangover relief, provide energy, burn fat, promote hair, skin, and nail growth, migraine relief, muscle recover, body cleansing, cold & flu, and more!


Dr. Thompson believes that you can treat symptoms in multiple categories of chronic illnesses by simply losing weight. For the patient’s who suffer from PCOS, hypothyroidism, endocrine disorders, obesity, binge eating disorder, and many more reap the amazing benefits of our different medical weight loss options. We offer 3 routines, schedule your first consult and we can help find which one is best for you!


If your anxiety will not let you out of the house today, you can’t find your car keys, or you don’t have anyone to watch the dog do not fret, we offer telehealth appointments to all patients. Whether you are local or not, we can provide care for you.

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