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Quinton's Story

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Quint Family Care was started in early 2021. Dr. Karen always had a dream to open up a practice in an area that needed reliable healthcare. She took this space and built every wall, crevice, and corner. Her son, Quinton was her biggest cheerleader and support for this. Quinton was Dr. Karen's first born child and was her world, he loved spending time with his family and also had a passion for music. He tragically lost his battle to suicide on June 17th of 2017. Due to his struggle, it is Dr. Karen's mission to ensure every patient receives the proper healthcare so they too, do not go through what her precious son went through. "Quint" comes from his name Quinton, and our logo has healing hands around people of all sizes to represent the care we provide. Our colors also are to help honor suicide awareness. When you come to visit us, we have a music themed exam room alongside some pictures in Quinton's honor and Dr. Thompson would love to see you and share her story. 

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